About Us

We love what we do!

Weddings is perhaps the greatest event of your lives. One that you will look back at many years to come. Creating work that has such significance is why we love weddings so much. Such incredible moments call for incredible imagery.

We want you to love our work tomorrow as much as you do today.

Our Style

Trendy, modern, and elegant is what we describe our work. We love capturing candid moments that’s as if we weren’t there. On the other side, we love to create striking creative images that’s as unique as the two of you. We don’t do boring old poses, but instead, we make them fun, engaging, and memorable.


Inspired by you

In discovering all of these little things that make you who you are, we become inspired. We aren’t your typical cookie cutter studio. How we approach your imagery is fundamentally guided by you! We shoot no two weddings alike and that’s never going to change.



Our Downtown Vancouver based studio specializes in modern contemporary wedding photography and cinematography.

Our accomplished team will take time to get to know you, so our work becomes a fusion of our personalities. The result is work that truly captures the essence of who you are. 

Our studio serves as our client meeting area, gallery, showroom, and our post production office.  We are happy to discuss with you the options for your wedding show you our selection of canvas fine art pieces and custom-designed albums.


The Team


Derek Cheng - Owner - Director of Photography

Derek has worked professionally as a photographer since 2005 and has a talent for creating extraordinary images that exceed his clients’ expectations. His work has been published in magazines locally and internationally. Derek’s style of work lends to natural contemporary images with an artistic flair.

Jason Ho - Owner - Director of Cinematography

Hailing originally from Australia, Jason’s ability to connect with people and capture their warmth and happiness has become one of his greatest assets. His technical background has led to his passion for dramatic lighting which plays an integral part of his style. He is continuously pushing his limits and raising the bar when it comes to his work.


Mark Guilaran - Owner - Director of Commercial Services

Mark’s love and vision of capturing moments through images has enabled him to tell the perfect story through his work. Mark studied photographic arts at Focal Point Visual Arts Centre locally in Vancouver. His creativity, attention to detail, and care, shines through in his work.

Rita Leung - Studio Manager 

Studio manager extraordinaire! Rita works behind the scenes to make sure everything is functioning in and out of our studio!




We started off as a small idea from three pioneers that had deep roots in the wedding industry. Derek, Jason, and Mark having their own separate wedding studios, each brought different things to the table. It was in 2010 where we settled on the name “Pure White Studio” and the rest just fell into place. Having set off to make a new splash in the wedding industry, we’ve created an entirely new studio giving our client the product and service that they crave.