Denise + Jeff - Riverway Golf Course Wedding

What stood out the most about this gorgeous couple, Denise and Jeff, was all of their very creative and personal touches for their Engagement and Wedding day. There's a story behind every detail....

We loved their special and clever story behind their proposal. "Jeff wanted a dog more than anything - Denise wanted a ring more than anything, NOT a dog."  He capitalized on the opportunity and purchased a ring and a puppy to surprise Denise! Although Denise had never wanted a puppy, she fell in love instantly with her new best friend.

Despite the rainy day, their luxe wedding at the Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby, was absolutely beautiful! They got ready in their modern and contemporary River Home. Denise's bouquet was laced with floral diamonds which was something we've never seen before! We loved the rich blue colors of the ties and dresses against the white flowers and crystals. So classy! 

We had an incredible time capturing special moments of throughout their day. Congratulations and thank you Denise and Jeff, for allowing us to be a part of your day!

Enjoy the photos!


After the bridal party shots, we headed for the Riverway Golf Course in Burnaby, for their ceremony. Once we arrived, we were so amazed by the beautiful, window paneled, high ceilings in the clubhouse. Natural lighting flooded the entire room. It was breathtaking...

Decor of white roses and crystal diamonds added elegance, while folded paper planes and rotating globe added creative personal touches for their ceremony.



The beautiful ceremony site quickly transformed into a gorgeous reception! We loved the attention to details - more sparkles and diamonds decorated throughout. After heartwarming speeches, spectacular food, and entertaining dancing, we topped off the night with some amazing evening shots and sparklers...



DJ: Man About Town
MC: Ryan Chernochan
Wedding Planner: Dreamgroup - Kiri McLeod