Vivian and Chris - Vancouver Law Courts

Chris and Vivian's special day started out with a traditional tea ceremony at home. Once out of her traditional Chinese dress, and into her wedding gown, we then headed over to the ceremony reception which took place at the Celebration Pavillion at Queen Elizabeth park.

We could not have asked for more perfect weather we then headed to Coal Harbour for the bridal party and creative session. Blue skies laced with gorgeous clouds made for the perfect background, and the bridal party was so much fun to work with! Just check out the shot of the gals trying to toss and catch their bouquets in preparation for the "real" bouquet toss!

The reception then kicked off at the Law Courts, which was beautifully decorated!!. No attention to detail was spared, as Vivian even provided a box of flip flops for the female guests to wear once the dancing kicked off to save their feet!