Frequently Asked Questions


Can we have both the bride AND groom covered while they're getting ready?

Of course! This is one of the many reasons we always have TWO PHOTOGRAPHERS on your wedding day! We are pros at making sure every moment of your day is captured and it is important to us that we get the whole story, including both the bride and groom getting ready. We work independently for the first part of the day and then we meet up at the church or ceremony venue, where we work as a team for the remainder of the day.

We are having a smaller wedding. Do you have smaller packages available?

Absolutely! We can customize all of our collections to fit your wedding the way you always envisioned it! 

How long after our shoot will we get to see our photos?

We take great pride in the quality of your photos, so we want them to be perfect. For engagement sessions, our turnaround time is typically 3 weeks. For weddings, our turnaround time is typically 5-6 weeks. During the busy summer season, a couple extra weeks may be required due to seasonal volume. 

How many images will we see?

Typically, for engagement sessions, you can expect to see around 50 images. For weddings, depending on the events on your day, you can expect to see approximately 100 images per hour of coverage.


What is the difference between a "Highlight Edit" and a "Same Day Edit"?

We put our cinematography touch on both of these edits. They are set to one music piece, but with emphasis on telling the story of your day! Our "Same Day Edit" is shown on the day of your wedding, usually during the reception after the speeches are done. The "Highlight Edit" is very similar, but is produced after the wedding and will usually include footage from the reception.

What is a "Documentary Edit"?

We understand there are a lot of things that happen on your special day. Sometimes we don't have room to include everything in the "Same Day Edit" or the "Highlight Edit". With our "Documentary Edit", we include a real-time edit of your ceremony and your reception speeches so you can relive those special moments.

What is a "Feature Edit"?

Our "Feature Edit" is a longer cut (15-30min) of our "Highlight" or "Same Day" edit that is set to music. This special cinematic edit is unique in itself and can be added to any of our Cinematography Collections.

When will we see our edits?

Hours and hours are poured into our editing and we love to wow you! Our "Highlight Edit" is typically complete one month after the wedding. For our "Documentary Edit" and "Feature Edit",  we typically complete it within 6-8 months after the wedding.

The Booking Process

Can we meet up and chat?

Of course! We love to meet with all our clients. We have a fabulous studio with a huge screen and lots of stunning albums to show you. We know you have busy lives, so an after work meeting would work just as well! Just drop us a line, and we can schedule a date and time.

We love you guys! How can we secure our date with you?

We love you too! We're excited to be working with you to create some breathtaking work that will wow everyone! To secure your date, a signed contract (which details all the services you want for your wedding) and a booking retainer are required. That's it! Then we can get to the fun stuff - like planning your future shoots with us!

"We've just booked you for our wedding...now what?"

If you booked your photography with us, next up is your engagement session! We'll try to schedule that as soon as possible so we can get some awesome photos of the two of you! As it gets closer to the big day, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out (take your time, it's lengthy!). We will also meet before your wedding to go over all the details of your big day so that nothing will be missed.  

Travel and International Coverage


Do you charge for travel?

Not for the Greater Vancouver area. We will travel up to one hour or 50km before there are any extra charges. Travel is charged at $0.54/km beyond the 50km radius of our studio. It's easiest to just send us an email and we can confirm whether travel is included for the location of your event or shoot!

We're planning a destination wedding or a wedding outside of Vancouver. Can you please come?

Of course! We have shot weddings all over the world, from Hong Kong to Mexico to Australia. There isn't a place in the world that we wouldn't go to - as long as we are still available for your wedding day! Since all weddings differ, please send us some information about your plans and we'll put together a custom quote based on your needs and location.


Payment Options


What methods of payment do you accept?"

We accept cash, cheques, or email money transfers.


When do we pay you?

Weddings require a booking retainer of $1500 or 50% to secure your date, and the final balance is to be paid a month prior to your wedding day.